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4 Steps to Maintaining Florida Trust Accounting Records

The Florida Bar documents the four steps you must take for proper trust accounting in Rule 5.1-2.

3-Way Trust Reconciliations

Every month, Florida attorneys are required to complete a 3-way reconciliation. This report reconciles your bank balance to your trust ledger to the sum of your client ledgers.

8 ‘Must-Haves’ for Your Trust Accounting Records

There are certain documents that you must complete a certain way and maintain. This article will provide you the full list so you have peace of mind compliance.

Common Trust
Accounting Pitfalls

Want to know the common mistakes attorneys make with their trust account? Learn from your peers to avoid these common trust accounting issues.

What Florida attorneys say

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Matthew Waring

When I started my own law firm my biggest concern was trust accounting. I studied the rules, watched CLEs, etc. but still didn’t want to go it alone. Then I found Trustbooks. It took me less than 15 minutes to learn how to use it and now I don’t sweat trust accounting. I highly recommend Trustbooks to any lawyer who is responsible for overseeing a trust account.

Matthew S. Waring
Edward Reyes

Ever since I started with Trust books my experience has been amazing. The customer service is above par. When there is an issue or “user” error (me), they are there to walk you through it. My trust accounting is now on point. I trust TrustBooks!

Edward Reyes
Molly Lewis Sasso

Trustbooks seamlessly systematizes required trust accounting processes to exacting Florida Bar standards, thus removing the need for an imperfect cobbling together of methodologies that, let’s be honest, many among us had failed to ever truly master. You don’t have to have a finance background or be an accountant to use Trustbooks. Bravo, Trustbooks, for modernizing trust accounting with a functional product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Meet the three-way reconciliation, and change your life!

Molly Lewis Sasso

TrustBooks has helped ease the pain of trust accounting for our firm. I love the Dashboard feature enabling me to see the latest transactions up front.  Editing transactions is super easy as well. The reconciliations are fabulous! Three-way reconciliations make my accounting so much easier on a monthly basis.  TrustBooks really took the worries away and made our trust accounting simpler and more efficient. The team at TrustBooks is always super friendly and helpful. I always feel like I am talking to a trusted friend. Thank you TrustBooks!

Jillanna S. McGrew

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