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TrustBooks Accounting Services specializes in performing hands-on accounting services like bookkeeping, onboarding projects, and trust compliance projects for law firms.

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Focusing 100% on law firms!

Our customers are 100% law firms. Our laser focus makes us the best at providing accounting services specifically for attorneys. We are not trying to be the best at all things… we are the best at providing accounting services for law firms. It’s that simple.

Setting you free to practice law!

We give you the freedom to offload your accounting tasks so you can focus on running your law firm and helping your clients. Keep your books and records updated and detailed every month so you have more confidence at being a kick-ass attorney.

Helping law firms meet their accounting needs

Tom Boyle

We heard from our law firm customers how they wanted more support when it comes to their accounting. This is what we do. We are the experts here. We want to provide our expertise in helping law firms meet their accounting needs.

Tom Boyle
Co-Founder of TrustBooks

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How does TrustBooks Accounting Services work?

Our bookkeeping experts walk you through getting onboarded and explain our weekly and monthly deliverables. Our team utilizes TrustBooks software to keep your trust account compliant with your State Bar. Our team will do your onboarding and handle all the day-to-day and month-end accounting tasks.

How does pricing work?

We work with you during our initial discussions to determine the right pricing plan for your firm. We use a flat monthly fee model so there are no gimmicks or surprises going into your pricing each month. Our pricing is based on the volume of transactions and frequency that you want financial reports

What are the requirements for working with TrustBooks Accounting Services?

We have the following requirements that help us provide the most efficient service:

  1. Electronic access to your online banking
  2. Electronic access to your merchant account service (if any)
  3. Electronic access to your practice management software (if any)
  4. Electronic access to your payroll service (if any)

Are there real people handling my accounting?

Absolutely! We are a US-based company with headquarters in Raleigh, NC. We will pair you up with a TrustBooks team member who will serve as your dedicated legal accounting expert. This person will be happy to answer any questions or go through your financial reports as needed.

What software is used to manage my accounting?

We utilize TrustBooks software to power your firm's accounting. Our team built TrustBooks software specifically for law firms to have specialized accounting software to track your firm's trust and operating accounts. Utilizing this software is a huge advantage.

How does TrustBooks accounting services differentiate from an in-house bookkeeper or other bookkeeping services?

TrustBooks vs. In-House Bookkeeper: TrustBooks has a team of accountants that focus on one thing: law firm accounting. This specialization allows us to understand your needs. In addition, our pricing is typically 60-75% less expensive than trying to hire, manage, and compensate for this role in-house.

TrustBooks vs. Other Bookkeeping Services: TrustBooks focuses exclusively on law firms. We have a laser focus here and are the experts in utilizing TrustBooks software that is built specifically for law firms. With other bookkeeping services, you will get a team that works in all different industries and uses software designed for all different industries. The other bookkeeping services lack the in-depth expertise that we bring to the table.

Love helping our law firm clients

I love helping our law firm clients get their accounting squared away and put everything on cruise control. I see how much of a relief this is for our clients. Developing those relationships and helping attorneys and their staff means the world to me.

Lauren Nix
Accounting Manager at TrustBooks

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