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Use LawPay to get paid… let TrustBooks handle the rest

LawPay Integration that works!

The TrustBooks integration with LawPay is a total game changer. Trust accounting that took me hours each month is now cut in half. I love how seamlessly TrustBooks works with Clio and LawPay.

Stacey Hill h.e. Business Solutions, LLC

Sync All Transactions

Process credit card payments through LawPay. TrustBooks automatically syncs all payments to avoid double entry.

Easily Perform

Keep your State Bar happy with our effortless Three-Way Reconciliation process. Balance your bank statement to your trust ledger to your client ledgers every time you reconcile.

Update Client Ledgers Automatically

Every time you sync from LawPay to TrustBooks, client ledgers get updated. TrustBooks maintains client ledgers so you always know how much each client has in your trust account.

Reconciliations that take less than a minute

Our monthly reconciliations take less than a minute to do. The 3-Way Reconciliations are as easy as pushing a button. Writing checks and ledger management are a breeze and we can find any errors very quickly.

Mitzi Kincaid Kincaid and Associates

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